4 HR Secrets That Will Get You A Reliable Position

If you are looking for a new job or career right now, then you need to have the right plan. Going into the interview process blind could keep you from getting the position you deserve. So make sure you know how to get past HR. Use the tips below to ensure you always make the best impression and land whatever dream job you are currently after:

Clean Up Social

If you don’t have a social media presence that you are proud of, it’s time to change that. In today’s world, you have to have a great presence online. The first thing that your employer is going to do is Google you.
If they don’t find something they like, they will simply move on to the next candidate. One of the biggest things to be certain of is that you don’t have any criminal activities or negative opinions that might offend someone. Secondly, make sure your profile is the best, most professional picture of you that you own.


There is a classic mantra of under-promising and over-delivering. The reality is that today you need to stand out however you can. You cannot under promise any longer if you want to get the attention of HR and anyone else involved in that decision of bringing you onboard. Tell them all the amazing things that you have accomplished.
List your successes from past employers. Then share with them your big ideas, dreams, and goals. Really get them excited to bring you onto the team. Then, they will find a way to hire you.

Follow Up Like a Pro

Professionals follow up. It’s how they get into the heads of the HR department and get hired over other people. If you don’t follow up currently after interviews, this one tip could land you your next dream job. Drop a physical letter in the mail to your interviewing manager and let them know how much you appreciate their time. They will be sure to remember you in a positive light.

Search In The Right Places

Once you are ready to be placed for a position be smart about your job search. It’s not enough to have a resume that says you work smart, show an employer that you work smart. Utilize tools like recruitment agencies that specialize in your field of work. There are recruitment agencies that specialize in all manner of fields, from call centers, assembly lines, to translation services and general practitioner jobs.

Avoiding a job search with lots of irrelevant jobs will let you choose between the ones you are best equipped for. Working with an agency is a win-win for you and the employer.

In the work field today, you need to have something that really gives you the edge. Otherwise, you might find a person after person is just getting the job before you. Use the tips above. They will help you navigate the wild world of work today and find a fit that is going to light you up inside, in addition to adding more to your bank account and bottom line.


4 Quick Tips To Saving For Your Children’s College Funds

By now it is apparent money does not grow on trees. And, as years progress prices increase. Paying for all or part of your children’s college, unless they attend a community college or receive a substantial scholarship, will not be easy.
It is never too early to start a college fund, and with these quick tips, you will be well on your way to savings.

  1. Open A 529 Account
    Because saving for college can be nearly as expensive as saving for retirement, parents should start saving money into a 529 college savings plan as early as possible. The earlier the money is deposited, the more time it has to collect interest and grow.
    While parents can open any type of account or C.D. to place their savings in, using a 529-college savings plan is a tax-free account. When the money accumulates or is withdrawn, parents do not need to worry about impending taxes.
  2. Cut Back On The Extras
    Saving a couple of hundred dollars a month toward your child’s fund does not have to break the bank. First of all, it is important to set a number you are certain you can spare. It does not have to be the same each month, but it is generally easier to remember if it is.
    When there is extra cash lying around, it is tempting to use it on superfluous items that you and your family do not really need. It is all about the little things. Instead of paying for a car wash, use a hose and soap at home. Cook more; eat out less. If you are grabbing take-out, do not pay for delivery.
    Any extra money you can save by making painless changes is extra to save.
  3. Put Out A Jar
    Younger children might not understand the necessity of saving for college, but older kids will. Emphasize the importance of saving for college, why it needs to be done early, and the correlation between saving more in the present and not having to take out student loans in the future.
    Place a jar or can in a visible location where spare change loose bills can de deposit easily. Each month, take that amount and add it to the 529-college savings plan.
  4. Stop Spending What You Don’t Have
    Many people are guilty of spending more than they have, which leaves them with rampant credit debt.
    If in serious debt, your first priority should be to get that under control before you start looking for ways to save. Make headway with your debt by making large payments. Or, in some cases, it is cheaper to take out a second mortgage loan or a title loan from a company like TitleMax to pay off the credit loan in full. Sometimes it is less expensive in the long run to use a cheaper loan to pay off a more expensive loan.
    Break out the piggy banks and begin a savings plan for your child’s attainment of higher education.

Save Your Precious Money and Time Through Online Shopping

Even in the busy and hectic life we all are living in a era of style. Hence leading stylish life based on the way the advancements occurring in our day to day life is necessary. Due to busy schedule most of the people find some difficulties in shopping and going through the markets. On the other hand growing demand of online shopping has created several shopping portals online. Most of the customers are finding them as more comfortable, profitable and inspiring one for them to do their shopping.
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Reviews of experienced persons available online will enable you to know the good and bad qualities of the goods, products and services of different companies. These comments and evaluations can give you a better understanding of the product and their drawbacks easily. If you are planning to purchase things through online you can make use of this right choice. Lack of awareness and knowledge about the quality of site and product is the main reason why most of the customers are finding some difficulties in shopping online.
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5 Study Tips For Cisco Certification Exams

Completing the Cisco certification exam significantly raises your chances at landing a great career in the future. These tests are not easy, and it is wise for a student to spend a lot of time studying and preparing for the time-consuming process. While this is true, many do not know how to start or what to do. Luckily, with these five tips, you can learn how to study for the Cisco certification exams. Without a doubt, when doing so, you will have a better chance of passing the first time.

  1. Know the exam:
    First and foremost, if you know what will be on the test, you will know what to study and how to prepare. Fortunately, Cisco’s website has information on current and past exams; this will give you a basic idea on what to study and where to get started. Of course, to succeed, you cannot simply read about past tests and nail the exam the first time.
    You still need to have a serious knowledge of the subject at hand. Either way, by looking at past tests and taking simulated exams, a student will be well on his or her way to nailing it and passing the first time around.
  2. Get some material:
    When going to school, some students will spend a pretty penny buying books and study materials. This is not the case as a Cisco exam is pretty straightforward. Ideally, you should buy a book or two and start reading. To find out what reading material you should buy, it is wise to ask the instructor or even other students. Simply put, with the right books and study guides, you can walk into the room prepared and pass the test.
  3. Forums:
    What better way to pass the test than to head to online forums. Since there are dozens of online communities dedicated to learning about Cisco exams, you should have no trouble finding the one that fits your needs. At the same time, while it is beneficial to ask questions, it is smarter to read old posts and FAQ sections of the site. When doing so, you can learn more about the process and even get feedback from others who have mastered the courses.
    Remember, when going online, you can get the most up-to-date information and analysis of the test and this will help you go a long way in walking in the room without any fears or trepidation.
  4. Be hands On:
    When working with Cisco routers, servers and other equipment, an employee will have his or her hands on the items all the time. For this reason, when looking at the study materials and contemplating ideas, one should get their hands on as much equipment as possible. With this, a student can learn the real-world feel and look of the product.
    Since this is part of the test, you should certainly try to get your hands on these items well before the day of the exam. Simply put, with this approach, you can
    go a long way in learning more.
  5. Seek out others in the industry:
    While this is not always viable, if you can find someone else in the industry that’s taken the test, you can gain valuable insight into how to pass it the first time. Since the test changes frequently, it would be beneficial to ask someone who took it recently. Right away, at a minimum, a person who passed the exam earlier can offer his or her moral support and advice on how to study.
    The Cisco exams are not easy. While a person can pass them with hard work, it is even more beneficial when you study the right way. When doing so, you stand an excellent chance of passing the Cisco exam on the first try.

VitalSpring Technology – Making Lives Better For People

It goes without saying that a man with an aspiration to make the world a better place to live in shall not only attain the thanks and blessings of people across but also become fuller, complete, richer. Sreedhar Potarazu is rich… and that isn’t just financially. He is rich as a person. He has followers all across the globe, people who revere him in their own way… people who love to listen to him… people who want to learn from him… people who want to follow his footsteps…

Sreedhar Potarazu is a simple man from Maryland who graduated from George Washington University. He then continued to pursue his higher studies and completed his internship in surgery. He also completed his fellowships in Neuro-Ophthalmology from the esteemed Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami in Florida. His core subject was glaucoma during his years of fellowships. Later, to continue with his professional career Potarazu stayed seven years in the Washington, D.C. area. During those days, he used to be a key member of the faculty of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

Due to his excellent contribution in the field of the healthcare business, Dr. Potarazu has been considered a visionary in the business of medicine and an industry leader in the health care business. Today Dr. Potarazu is widely recognized as an industry leader in health care business. His state-of-the-art health-care technology and ground-breaking plans on managing the cost invested in healthcare have earned him quite a fame in this field.

And then as an icing over the cake, Dr. Potarazu hasn’t only been leading in the industry of medicine and science and business. He is a philanthropist who has made significant contributions to the promotion of fine arts and education especially for the underprivileged sections of the society. He not only speaks well and writes well for aiding the underprivileged, but he has also personally been responsible for raising over 30 million dollars for Vital Spring without any government investment.

Dr. Potarazu today is a celebrated ophthalmologist today and is one of the most sought-after speakers on the topic of health information technology. While practicing, Dr. Potarazu completed his MBA in health information technology and then on the basis of his thesis formed a business plan. His company VitalSpring Technologies has been helping the largest employers of the US to improve cost and quality of healthcare for over a decade. They have built a system that connects data from every part of the healthcare system and thus provide connectivity and engagement.

We can only look up to a man like Dr. Potarazu and desire to be like him. If only there were more men like him in this society, the world would indeed be a better place to live in. It need not be the brains as the key, it can also be as plain as a humanitarian intention to achieve betterment for the society and the vitality and vigor to follow it.


Body Language In The Interview

We deliberately give the spoken word meaningfulness. In contrast, we pay little attention to our body language in everyday life. Our posture already shows a lot about our state of mind. Even without us speaking, our counterparts can recognize how we feel from their posture and facial expressions.
If you act confidently and confidently in principle, you do not have to worry about your body language in the interview. But if you are rather shy and insecure, it makes sense to deal with your gestures before the interview. It is important that you send the right signals not only in the cover letter but also in the job interview.
Do not rely solely on your qualifications in an interview. Scientific studies have shown that visual impressions and subconscious signals play a more important role in the first contact than all factual facts and arguments together. Those who can use body language and gestures skillfully are more convincing in the end and are undoubtedly involved.

Get A Grip On Nervousness

Everyone understands if you have a certain level of nervousness in the interview. This is completely normal, after all, it is about a lot for you – nothing less than your new professional future! At the latest after the first irrelevant sentences, you should try to catch yourself halfway and send positive signals from now on.

Tip from best online resume writing service: memorize the individual stages of your résumé with the year number, this gives you security if you are asked about it!

So You Send the Wrong Signals

Petrified facewithout an open smile of sympathy, spark can not
eye contact avoida blank look conveys uncertainty, it can not
be built up trust
Sunken shouldersupright posture demonstrates confidence
on the edge of a chair to sitlooks nervous and tense
Lounging around in the chairlooks disrespectful and arrogant
Wild gestureslook intrusive and exaggerated
arms crossedseem unapproachable and closed
Pluck on clotheslooks sovereign and unbalanced
Looking at the floorlooks like you’re not really interested

Job suitability, therefore, depends not only on the correct answers to the questions in the interview but also on the non-verbal signals that you emit. The first few minutes are of particular importance, because it usually only takes a minute or two to get a first impression of the candidate.
It is not uncommon for the first judgment on sympathy and charisma to be irreversible and to influence the further course of the conversation accordingly. A personnel decision-maker can hardly escape his first impressions because most of the emotions take place in his subconscious.
Ultimately, it is about getting what has been said and expressed on a common denominator. Because the most sincere statements and conclusive arguments are questionable if the spoken word and non-verbal communication contradict each other.

Dress Rehearsal?

Depending on which type you belong to, you should consider how you are going for a job interview preparation. If you dare to spontaneously show the right reactions in the interview, it is better to leave the dress rehearsals at home and convince them with their naturalness.

However, if you are very afraid of the appointment and feel very insecure, it is advisable to try out the processes in the interview in the family or among friends and work on a convincing body language. With a little practice, you can achieve astonishing success in a job interview – and you are guaranteed not to end up on the rejection stack.

Ask friends and family for feedback on whether you appear open-minded and confident when speaking. Practice a few sentences and concentrate on your facial expressions. Check yourself in front of a mirror or using a camera. Support your words with small, emphatic gestures. Think about how your body language fits what you have to say.

Practice Only Little Things

If you want to optimize your body language, then you should definitely only tackle small things and not try to turn yourself completely from A to Z! Use your environment to analyze which gestures or facial expressions you would like to improve and concentrate only on these points. If you focus 80% of your attention on your body language during the interview, the actual focus is guaranteed to be neglected. But even improved little things can have a big impact.

Where to put your hands

The hand position, in particular, tells your conversation partner a lot about your current emotional state. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the hands. Uncertainty, nervousness, and rejection can quickly be derived from the posture of the hands. That is why many people feel safer and more comfortable when they hold something in their hands – and when it is only for playing. Many of the usual gestures convey a general message that you should know if you want to appear confident.

Interpretations of hand gestures

Crossed armssignals structure and distance up to
uncertainty and rejection (wall formation)
Hidden handsare always felt as negative
(pocket, behind the back)
With the finger at others
can be interpreted as aggressiveness
Drumming with your fingerslooks nervous and impatient and can be
felt as a provocation
Fold hands with thumbs updemonstrates superiority
Fold hands with hidden
demonstrates uncertainty and negative
Playing around with your fingersshows boredom and lack of interest
Put your finger in your facedemonstrates irritation and thoughtfulness – something is wrong
Rest your head on your handsYou look weak and tired
Look at the watch while talkingThey signal waste of time
Hold objects in front of the bodyThey signal that you are not feeling well
(protective function behind the bag, folder, folder)
Hold yourself by the neckThey show doubts and uncertainty
Let finger joints crackis considered a ruthless gesture
Scratch your headThey demonstrate helplessness
Hold your hand over your mouthYou don’t know what to say or
want to say ; Happy to take back what has been said
Merkel diamondConfident and averting criticism
(= pointed roof of the hands)

Also read the body language of your counterpart

Apply your knowledge of body language to your counterpart. Your future boss reveals a lot about himself, especially in an interview. Gestures and facial expressions give you interesting clues that you can immediately use for yourself.


Visual impressions and unconscious signals play a significant role in the interview. The first judgment significantly shapes the rest of the conversation. The interview becomes difficult when the spoken word and the non-verbal communication contradict each other. Anyone who is unsure can try out positive signals in the course of the conversation. The hands, in particular, reveal a lot about your state of mind.